Sedums & Stonecrops

We grow all sorts of Stonecrop plants & offer sales of individual plants and mixed collections.

What is Stonecrop/Sedum? 

Sedums or Stonecrops are a family of flowering, succulent plants containing around 600 species belonging to the family Crassulacae. Often described as low growing ground-covers.

Stonecrops are well adapted in order to survive low nutrient and exposed conditions. This means they also fall under the category of Alpines and as the name suggests, they are native to mountainous regions often described as ‘above the tree line’. This makes them the perfect choice for sunny spots in the garden and areas with poor soil. As long as it is not wet, nor too moist, most Sedum species are extremely versatile and will take up residence in no time! Free draining, poor soil and lots of sun will keep most Sedums perfectly happy.

Ideal for planting in rock & Alpine gardens, containers, green roof situations and exposed sites due to their high drought tolerance.

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