Gypsophila Cerastioides


Growing Conditions Appearance and Characteristics Semi-Evergreen
Sun Exposure Full Sun, Part Shade Flower Colour White/Pink
Soil Type Normal or Sandy Blooming Time Spring-Summer
Soil pH Neutral, Alkaline, Acid Foliage Colour Green
Soil Moisture Well Drained Height 5-10cm
Care Level Easy Spread 30-40cm

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Gypsophila Cerastioides

Often known as ‘Mouse-Ear Gypsophila’. A dwarf cousin to the widely known florists favorite Gypsophila. The hardy little alpine forms a low mound of compact foliage with deep green leaves and produces clusters of small, pink-veined, white flowers from spring to summer. Leaves become tinged with red in autumn and may remain evergreen in warmer climates. Not native, but pollinator friendly including bees and butterflies. Prefers a full sun site, but can tolerate partial shade. Plants well in a rock wall or garden with some shelter if possible. Needs a well drained soil. Generally very hardy but may suffer winter damage in colder climates.

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