Prunella Grandiflora 'Freelander Blue'


Growing Conditions Appearance and Characteristics Semi-Evergreen
Sun Exposure Full Sun, Part Shade Flower Colour Blue/Purple
Soil Type Nomal, Clay, Loam or Sand Blooming Time Late Spring – Autumn
Soil pH Neutral, Acid, Alkaline Foliage Colour Deep Green
Soil Moisture Average, Well Drained Height 15cm
Care Level Very Easy Spread 25-30cm

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Prunella Grandiflora ‘Freelander Blue’

A cultivated variety of wild Prunella or ‘Self Heal’. Selective bred for larger flowers and a longer, more vigorous blooming period than it’s wild form. Flowers from late April and through into late September with intense blue to purple heads of tubular flowers. Fully hardy, the semi-evergreen perennial forms a clumping ground-cover to 15cm. An alpine, therefore makes an ideal specimen for the front of borders or rockery sites. Readily self seeds and spreads. Plant in full sun to part shade with a well drained soil. Deadhead spent flowers to promote blooming.  A native, so highly attractive to pollinators. Low maintenance and easy care.

The young leaves can be added to salads or eaten raw and are said to have healing properties. Traditionally, leaves are applied to stop bleeding wounds – hence the name ‘Self Heal’.

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