Sedum Album 'Athoum'


Growing Conditions Appearance and Characteristics Evergreen
Sun Exposure Full sun, Part shade Flower Colour White
Soil Type Normal, Sandy Blooming Time Summer
Soil pH Normal, Acid, Alkaline Foliage Colour Red, Green
Soil Moisture Dry Height 5-10cm
Care Level Easy Spread 30-60cm

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Sedum Album ‘Athoum’

One of several cultivars within the genus, this type of Sedum Album forms a dense carpet of low growing, evergreen, succulent leaves. Like most sedums, it is extremely hardy to droughts & weather extremes.

Similar to ‘Coral Carpet’ and ‘Murale’ this cultivar ‘Athoum’ grows to no more than 10cm and is defined by it’s larger, chunkier foliage with pure white flowers in summer.  Decorative value is added when the leaf tips darken to many variations of red as the year goes on and colder temperatures set in. Quickly makes itself at home in the alpine rockery or patio trough by spreading rapidly. Enjoys a sunny spot of the garden but will tolerate some shade with some direct sun. Makes a tough contender against nuisance weeds.

Excellent for pollinators and beginner gardeners due to it’s hardy nature!

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