Sedum Dasyphyllum


Growing Conditions Appearance and Characteristics Semi-Evergreen
Sun Exposure Full sun, Part Shade Flower Colour White
Soil Type Normal or Sandy Blooming Time Summer
Soil pH Neutral, Acid, Alkaline Foliage Colour Blue, Green, Red
Soil Moisture Well Drained Height 5-10cm
Care Level Easy Spread 20-30

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Sedum Dasyphyllum ‘Minor’

Sedum Dasyphyllum is one of the smallest sedum species. The tiny perennial is also known as ‘Corsican Stonecrop’. It has leaves measuring from 2-5mm each and the plant grows to no more than 10cm high and is an evergreen in milder regions. A true dwarf variety and a must have for rock gardens and alpine collectors.

Forms a delicate ground-hugging mound of incredibly detailed, miniature, succulent leaves with tones of green, blue and sometimes red. Summer gives way to small, pink stained flower buds held in bunches, opening into white, star shaped flowers to around 5mm across.

Thrives in most soils, but prefers a well drained, poor soil in full sun or partial shade. Avoid planting next to vigorous plants which may outcompete and smother it.

Ideally planted in rock gardens, troughs and crevices. Great for bees & pollinators.

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