Sedum Ellacombianum


Growing Conditions Appearance and Characteristics Perennial
Sun Exposure Full sun, Part shade Flower Colour Yellow
Soil Type Normal, Sandy, Clay Blooming Time Summer
Soil pH Neutral, Acid, Alkaline Foliage Colour Green
Soil Moisture Average, Dry, Moist Height 15cm
Care Level Easy Spread 60cm

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Sedum Ellacombianum

Sedum Ellacombianum is a compact, low growing herbaceous stonecrop. It has fleshy, green rubber like leaves from spring to early winter, growing into a dense mat. Lots of delicate clusters of small yellow flowers form on each tip in Summer and contrast nicely with the foliage – especially when they catch the light from the sun. Bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects are attracted to the flowers and often stop by for a drink. A hardy and easy to care for Stonecrop plant all around.

A suitable choice for planting in rock gardens, wall crevices and patio containers. Enjoys full sun and thrives in any well drained soil.

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