Sedum Reflexum 'Blue Spruce'


Growing Conditions Appearance and Characteristics Evergreen
Sun Exposure Full sun Flower Colour Yellow
Soil Type Normal, Sandy Blooming Time Summer
Soil pH Neutral, Acid, Alkaline Foliage Colour Blue-Green
Soil Moisture Dry Height 15-20cm
Care Level Easy Spread 30-60cm
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Sedum Reflexum ‘Blue Spruce’


Sedum Reflexum ‘Blue Spruce’ is a vigorous and hardy ground-cover. People have used this quick growing Alpine for decades. Its ability to permanently replace nuisance weeds with a solid blue coloured evergreen mat year round is an invaluable attribute. The flowers aren’t particularly showy, but can make up a general scenery as a finishing touch of detail. In summer, it produces long stems of tiny clustered yellow flowers which stand out from the thick blue background of the foliage.

Very easy to care like most Sedums as long as they receive full sun. A must for use in Alpine and rock garden situations but make sure they are planted away from slower growing plants that could be smothered. A winner for patios, containers and sunny borders. They may need some control as they spread rapidly, though removal is easy as the roots do not bury much below the soil. Irresistible to pollinating insects including butterflies and bees who often stop by for the flowers.

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