Sempervivum 'Blush'


Growing Conditions Appearance and Characteristics Evergreen
Sun Exposure Full sun Flower Colour – Red
Soil Type Normal or Sandy, Well drained Blooming Time Summer, Autumn
Soil pH Neutral, Acid, Alkaline Foliage Colour Grey, Blue, Green, Pink
Soil Moisture Dry Height 10-15
Care Level Easy Spread 20-30

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Sempervivum ‘Blush’

These hardy succulent plants belong to the family Crassulacae and are related to sedum. There are several thousand cultivars available as they are easily prone to natural hybridization and many have similar appearances from cultivar to cultivar – this means that many sempervivum types go on unnamed, or albeit inaccurately. This listing is for one such type, although the closest match would be the cultivar called Sempervivum ‘Blush’.

Pale grey to pink evergreen foliage are maintained throughout the plants life of several years – hence the name ‘Sempervivum’ (Latin: Semper = Forever, Vivum = Life). As conditions become colder for this cultivar, the pink foliage intensifies working its way up and outwards from the middle, like it is blushing. The flowers of sempervivum are some of the most beautiful among succulents, although once flowered the main rosette will die, but not before generating several offsets for the future generations. Generally very happy in full sun with free draining soil, avoid allowing to sit in constant moisture as this may cause rot. Great in the alpine rockery, patio trough or exposed sites.

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