Viola Sororia


Growing Conditions Appearance and Characteristics Semi-evergreen
Sun Exposure Full Sun, Part Shade Flower Colour Purple/Blue
Soil Type Normal, Sandy, Clay Blooming Time Spring
Soil pH Neutral, Acid, Alkaline Foliage Colour Glossy Green
Soil Moisture Well Drained Height 25cm
Care Level Easy Spread 50cm

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Viola Sororia

Missouri Violet’

Similar in appearance to the common Sweet Violet but a much deeper colored flower. This beautiful species of Viola hails from the open grassy areas of North America. The low spreading perennial to no more than 25cm has glossy green heart shaped leaves and striking purple to blue flowers during spring which sometimes bloom spontaneously into late summer. The leaves on this plant are edible and can be used in salads – they contain both vitamins A & C.

Super easy to grow as well as being hardy and versatile. Will tolerate a range of soils including clay but prefers a relatively well drained & slightly moist humus rich soil in either full sun or partial shade. Self seeds freely.

Ideal for rockeries, containers and borders.

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